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Unkle Adams: Motivational Rapper, Speaker, Role Model, and Counter-Bully Generating Buzz with Catchy New Album

Unkle Adams: Motivational Rapper, Speaker, Role Model, and Counter-Bully Generating Buzz with Catchy New Album

“Planting Seeds” Addresses Everything from Growing Up in the 90s to Equal Rights for the LGBTQ Community

November, 2016 — Following his first visit to New York earlier this year which included radio and TV interviews along with stops at several Long Island and NYC schools where he performed uplifting and inspirational music and spoke to packed auditoriums about bullying as part of his worldwide mission to give “hope to the hopeless” and a “voice to the voiceless – MC Curtis Adams, AKA “Unkle Adams” has just returned with a BRAND NEW ALBUM! “Planting Seeds”, which came out this past Saturday, October 29th.

Endorsed by Politicians, Police Departments, Paramedics, School Principals, Guidance Counselors, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Students, Mental Health Organizations, High Ranking Public Officials, Environmental Activists, and more- Unkle Adams is definitely not your “average” Rapper. The Canada-born MC not only performs uplifting and inspirational music, but often travels to schools to speak with students and give them hope on a range of topics from bullying to health through his music and presentations. Bullying, Climate Change, Impaired Driving, Fitness, Healthy Eating, Self-Harm, and Domestic Abuse are just some of the subjects Unkle Adams has touched on in his music. His hit anti-bullying song/music video “Unkle Adams – I Am Stronger” has amassed more than 10,000,000 views between Facebook and YouTube, and throughout his flourishing career he’s helped a wide range of students and parents alike confront their struggles and change their lives for the better. His work has saved countless lives by preventing suicides. His songs and videos are used as educational tools in schools all over the world. Simply put, Unkle Adams is on a mission the change the world with his music.


Unkle Adams’ Most Recent New York Visit Included Speaking Engagements at Several Schools Along with TV and Radio Interviews

His new album Planting Seeds is a metaphor for the positive thoughts and life lessons that Adams “plants” into people’s minds through his music as an inspirational figure to people all over the world, particularly youths. Considered a “real life” rapper because his lyrical content resonates with the masses on a personal level- some of the songs on this new album continue his trend of tackling tough topics with his music. The song “Can I Get a Witness” for example, is a catchy tune about equal rights for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

With that said, not all of his songs are so serious and or controversial. Some of the other topics touched upon include; family, what life was like growing up in the 1990’s, the dangerous possible outcomes of bullying issues that are left ignored, taking risks to achieve your goals, never giving up, and how good news can be just around the corner no matter how difficult things are in the present moment!

“Planting Seeds” Track Listing/Descriptions:

1. Family – a catching song about family values

2. Airborne – a pump up song about overcoming limits

3. The 90s – a fun song about growing up in the 1990s (see music video link below)

4. When – Unkle Adams talks about the fine line between success and failure

5. Can I Get a Witness – a catchy song about equal rights for LGBT people

6. Nathan – A heartfelt and controversial track about a young boy who is being relentlessly bullied

7. Bop Yo Head – a fun song with clever rhyming

8. Money Game – a song about money and its control over the human race

9. Drama Free – a song about the drama that stems from a party lifestyle

10. Good News – a song about how good news can be just around the corner

11. Problem – Unkle Adams touches on some of his personal trials and tribulations

12. The Crown and the Sceptre – A fun, metaphorical song about overtaking the music industry

Unkle Adams released the first music video from his new album for the catchy and fun song “The 90s” on November 1st

After taking a trip down memory lane and back to his childhood, Adams decided to share his memories of this time period with the world through a ridiculously catchy and fun song called “The 90s.” This video is a must watch for people of all ages! Moreover, millennials and the parents of millennials will really relate! FUN FACT: much of this music video was filmed in his old neighborhood that Adams actually grew up in. Enjoy the music video now by clicking the link below!

WATCH: Unkle Adams “The 90s” Official Music Video

With his incredibly impactful, informative, and uplifting messages, you’ll want to be sure to check out “Planting Seeds” today and look out for Unkle Adams’ upcoming performances and speaking engagements!

To Stream or Download “Planting Seeds” Click Here: http://smarturl.it/PlantingSeeds

For More Info on Unkle Adams, VISIT: www.unkleadams.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/unkleadams

YouTube: www.youtube.com/unkleadams

Twitter: www.twitter.com/unkleadams

Instagram: www.instagram.com/unkleadams

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