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UNHAPPY THANKSGIVING: Over One Third of all New York State Health Insurance Obamacare Policies Being Canceled November 30th – Many Enrollees Still Have Not Been Notified of Plans by State Officials!

UNHAPPY THANKSGIVING: Over One Third of all New York State Health Insurance Obamacare Policies Being Canceled November 30th – Many Enrollees Still Have Not Been Notified of Plans by State Officials!

NYS Exchange is Set To Cancel All Current Plans for Many of New York’s Lowest Earners And Replace Them With New Essential Plans

ALERT! Under a new plan, that as of yet hasn’t fully announced to the public – comeDecember 1st, 2015 approximately 200,000 New Yorkers will have their current Obamacare plans cancelled due to changes at NYS Health.

It is now time for open enrollment 2016, yet many enrollees have not been notified of these changes by State of Insurance agency officials!!!

This accounts for approximately thirty eight percent of the New York Exchange’s 2.1 million enrollees who enrolled in Qualified Health Plans and earn between 138-200% of the federal poverty level, and these enrollees now must scramble to find new plans! Setting up a very Unhappy Thanksgiving for many.

Insurance Expert Jason Samel, who has been a featured commentator on the subject for FOX News, in Newsday, Long Island Business News, and on local and national radio shows IS AVAILABLE NOW FOR COMMENT AND CONVERSATION IMMEDIATELY.

Mr Samel said recently, “I am extremely concerned about how the exchange will handle re-enrollment of nearly half of its current enrollees, all while handling another expected one million new enrollees into New York’s health exchange in the impending open enrollment period that just began on November 1st. New York has yet to put forth any educational component for consumers which can only hurt our residents.  It is beyond me why New York State nor the insurance companies have yet to notify any enrollees that their plans are being cancelled and they ned to find new plans. NO notifications, NO education!”


-Health Republic is closing it’s doors and 200,000 people will be left scrambling for new plans.  Came as a shock to the industry as they are the second largest insurer of individual policies in New York. A week after the announcement Health Republic has still not advised of when they are winding down their group business.  The exchange is left without options for folks who need Memorial Sloan Kettering, although other options do exist that nobody is aware of.

-New York is rolling out their new Basic Plans which they are dubbing the “Essential Plans”.  They have yet to notify the public that the folks that qualify for these plans are having their current plans cancelled.  If you fall between 138-200% of the federal poverty level come December 1st you will be left scrambling for a new plan.  This accounts for approximately another 800,000 people who enrolled in a plan in the NYSOH.  Folks are completely unaware of this and the state has notified me that they will not be notifying these people until it gets much closer to open enrollment.  Folks will not understand these plans, or the options available to them, and will be inundated with frustrations and confusion.  Brokers will not be able to work with the carriers offering these plans, as the carriers that will be offering these plans thus far have decided that they will not be working with brokers.

-Due to these issues the customer service at the exchange will be dealing with approximately 1 million people all who will need information on how to switch their plans. They will have to potentially change the doctors they see, and even the doctors offices at this time are completely unaware of these changes.  All the while another 1 million people are expected to flock to the exchange this year to find new plans.  The exchange to date has enrolled over the past 2 years over 2 million new yorkers in plans.  Now they will have to deal within just a few months of open enrollment that same amount of people needing to find new plans.  This will create complete chaos.

-JayMar Insurance Agency and the NewYorkObamacare.com family of sites is ready to help folks find new plans and explain these changes to those who need help.  We are here to provide an education, and do some business in the process.  We feel there is nobody more qualified in New York State to assist these folks who will be in desperate need for professional advice.

For more information, or interviews with Jason Samel, founder and President ofwww.NewYorkObamacare.com please contact Rick Eberle at:  516-729-6872 or email rick [AT] rickeberle.com 


Previous Exchange enrollees on the New York State of Health earning between 138 percent and 200 percent of the Federal Poverty level were able to acquire the same Qualified Health Plans (QHP’s) that folks above those levels were while receiving substantial government subsidies and cost sharing reduction plans.  Now that alternative lower cost plans with smaller networks are being rolled out by New York State all current enrollees below that threshold will lose their current plans and only be offered the new “Essential Plans”

New York State is rolling out it’s new Basic plans they are dubbing “Essential Plans” on December 1st, 2015 where enrollees will be able to choose plans with substantially different networks than existed before and only pay $20 for their coverage or be offered it free of charge. This only adds confusion to a market that was only just beginning to be understood by the public. If an enrollee qualifies for these plans they will not be offered subsidies for any other plans, forcing someone that fits this criteria to pay full price for their plan if they want to keep the same network they had prior.

Mr Samel, who is also President of JayMar Insurance Agency of Glen Cove, NY and Founder of NewYorkObamacare.com, continued “My firm intends to get the facts out to our clients and the public since nobody else is. We are going to be holding seminars to go over the changes, we’re fielding hundreds of calls and expect to have thousands more, and we must get this in the public eye immediately. We are going to get the facts out however we can. If folks have the facts, it is easier for them to make decisions. That’s how we have been helping New Yorker’s since the inception of the ACA. Give them the facts, in an easily digestible way, and they will feel confident and positive about it.”

Additionally, with the recent announcement that Health Republic Insurance of New York will be closing its doors; all individual plans that are due to renew on January 1st will be cancelled and new insurance plans will need to be acquired by their members as over one hundred thousand New York Individuals and Families and over one hundred thousand employees of New York’s small businesses have once again been left scrambling to figure out how they can go about changing their health insurance providers and doctors. Group plans with Health Republic are no longer being renewed, and are expected to be cancelled by January 1st.  Health Republic has yet to announce how it plans to fully wind down their Small Business clients either!

Health Republic Insurance of New York is a non-profit consumer operated and oriented health insurance plan serving the people of New York State. They are the #2 provider of health coverage to individuals that offers plans on the state’s Affordable Care Act exchange. Health Republic also recently received $265 million in U.S. loans.

Obamacare Expert Jason Samel, President of JayMar Insurance Agency of Glen Cove, NY and Founder of NewYorkObamacare.com is available for comment on the issue immediately

Mr Samel remarked “These new changes are shocking the industry. Consumers and businesses alike are scared, very confused, and they are showing a strong distrust towards the ACA because folks don’t have all of the facts, which I intend to provide”. Samel has the expertise to understand and educate New Yorkers on these effects better than any as he has counseled thousands of New Yorkers on the subject, participated in countless debates, as well as held many Obamacare seminars.




The New Basic Health Plans New York is enacting –




NewYorkObamaCare.com is an informational, fact based, nonpartisan site for New Yorkers trying to navigate through the new world order of heath insurance that offers solutions and comments on the subject through their website, by phone, and in person appointments available to any person or group who is looking for a fact based education on all things relating to the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.

Founder of NewYorkObamacare.com Jason Samel started JayMar Insurance Agency and realized the need to create NewYorkObamacare.com, a place for Individuals, Families, and Small Businesses to get the best understanding of the facts about the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, and how it specifically affects New Yorkers. Owner and spokesperson Jason Samel has over 48 years of combined experience in the insurance field along with his partner and father Mark Samel, and they have made their primary focus knowing all things about the ever changing rules of the Affordable Care Act. JayMar Insurance Agency is licensed to sell Life and Health products, Property and Casualty insurance, and additionally is certified by New York State to sell insurance products in both the Individual Marketplace, and SHOP Exchange for Small Businesses on the New York State Of Health, New York’s Online Health Insurance Exchange.

With media outlets putting their own slant on the truth only to further confuse the consumer, NewYorkObamacare.com cuts straight to providing you with the clear facts. Now, consumers can come to a place that has simplified and combed through the fine print, be free of confusion about important health care choices, and make the best informed decision. As a New York State certified agency, the company is able to navigate both the Individual Marketplace as well as the Small Business SHOP Exchange. Through a long lasting relationship with The New York State Of Health, insurance carriers, and those whose who teach certification courses, NewYorkObamacare.com understands every aspect of Obamacare so that they car clearly and effectively relay all the necessary information to New Yorkers in need.

A renowned social and environmental activist, Samel has said that  “Unfortunately our government, as well as the insurance carriers completely dropped the ball, not only on the technical roll-out of Obamacare but even more importantly on educating the public on all things necessary for consumers and business owners to make informed decisions on their health care. NewYorkObamacare.com intends to do everything in our power to fight this major issue for our communities. We operate on the tenancy that the best way to create a better society around you is by giving them knowledge, as knowledge and education throughout history has proven to be the strongest tool to create strong and meaningful positive social change.  To make matters more confusing for the consumer, each media source puts their own slant on the facts- leaving our communities riddled with confusion. We don’t get political and we only speak on facts”.

For a FREE Obamcare/ACA seminar for your family, organization, trade organization, employees, management, medical office staff, or hospital staff, you can call JayMar Insurance Agency and New York Obamacare at 516-605-2757 or go to NewYorkObamacare.com for up to the minute information or if you need help finding the best plan for you!

Headshot – Attached


Jason Samel, President


Since graduating SUNY at Stonybrook in 2001, Jason has worked in multiple capacities with the common theme of helping people through his natural ability to sell products and services that people need, while always maintaining a positive consultative sales approach. Jason spent his years in school working hard in positions ranging from consumer electronics to mattress sales.  He also served as Fund Raising Director for The Coalition Against Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization.


During the real estate boom in 2005, Jason took a position at a major mortgage bank, moving his way up the ladder and ultimately becoming branch manager. He had great success in helping people by matching them with the best product given their financial situation. Jason managed two teams of loan officers, sales managers, loan processors, and administrative staff and consistently exceeded his office’s goals.


In the four years prior to founding JayMar Insurance Agency in 2011 with Mark, Jason sold payroll and human resource administration products for a major national payroll company and quickly became one of the company’s leading producers.


Since 2006, Jason has become licensed to sell Life, Accident & Health Insurance as well as Property & Casualty products.  In 2011 Jason and his father Mark founded JayMar Insurance Agency, where Jason has parlayed his entrepreneurial talent, activism, along with his social conscience into the niche role of local Obamacare expert.


Jason says “our goal is simple, help our clients in every way possible by doing what’s right for them.  We do not aim to make the sale, but to walk away knowing that we did the best thing for our client.  We want to educate the public about the facts of the Affordable Care Act to ensure that folks are prepared with only the facts to make the decisions about their health care.  Everything we do we keep the greater good of society, and our clients in mind, as we are Insurance For A Socially Responsible New York”.

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