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All Music Inc. Teams Up with Rocknroll Amps to Unveil “The Bruiser”

All Music Inc. Teams Up with Rocknroll Amps to Unveil “The Bruiser”

Two Great Organizations Come Together to Bring Guitarists a Light & Functional Amplifier with Tons of POWER


March, 2016 (Plainview, NY) — All Music Inc. and Rocknroll Amps recently came together in an effort to bring guitar players a great sounding amp that is easy and light enough to transport but with the power and sound to play gigs. The result- The Bruiser! A clean, rich sounding amp that is small enough to carry around (about 30 lbs.) and can stand up to any overpowering band members. Completely hand wired and built by special order, the prototype can be seen and heard at All Music in Plainview- 397 South Oyster Bay Rd!


The idea for the Bruiser was to narrow the differences between similarly named blackface and silverface circuits ie – deluxe – deluxe reverb while maintaining a full bodied, clean robust sound. Blackface and silverface amps containing reverb are more powerful and robust than their non reverbed counterparts, and the idea was to build an amp that was as potent as a reverb amp but did not contain reverb. The challenge was to get the dry circuit to behave without the parallel reverb circuit. A non reverb black/silverface amp contains 2 gain stages of preamp before the phase inverter. In a black/silverface reverb amp the clean signal sees 3 gain stages of preamp before the pi. The issue was to balance out the clean signal and compensate for the lack of having it’s reverbed partner. Once the reverb circuit is removed all hell breaks loose! So a way had to be figured out to lose gain in small amounts thru each stage, and The Bruiser has accomplished this goal. The trend today is for more portable, lightweight, maximum headroom, pedal board friendly guitar amps, and that is exactly what this amp is perfect for!


The Bruiser is a 112, 35w-40w combo in Princeton Reverb sized cabinet and chassis. Clean, light weight, simple, great tone that will maintain its own with unruly band members and loud drummers.


  • 2-12AX7 1-12AT7 2- 6L6 Hand wired on custom made eyelet board

  • Solid state rectifier CTS pots

  • Fixed adjustable bias

  • Switchcraft input and speaker jacks

  • Volume, treble, mid, bass, bright switch

  • 8 ohm output

  • External speaker jack

  • American made transformers, chassis and cabinet

  • JJ tubes

  • 29 pounds with stock Eminence Legend 12-75

  • 34 pounds with Celestion G12-65



More About Rocknroll Amps:


Around 1998,  Jack decided to buy an old beat up Fender Bassman Blackface head and see what he could do to learn and modify. It cost about $225.00 and he figured what’s the worst thing that  could happen? He blew it up. He then purchased about a dozen tube electronics books from the 1930’s to the 1960’s as well as modern electronics college level texts and treated this educational undertaking with a passion, studying for hours every day. Having completed home study college level electronics courses with honors, he taught himself calculus so he could understand equations. After a year or so, some friends started asking if he could mod their amps, and Jack agreed and took a chance. After  years of study and experiments, he gained the confidence to proudly do mods, repairs and eventually his own builds- Rocknroll Amps was born. Now, the company has a large client base that extends from the 5 boroughs of New York City through Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island, as well as parts of New Jersey.


Servicing professionals and semi professionals, as well as weekend warriors, Rocknroll Amps has repaired hundreds and hundreds of amps over the years. Not claiming to have reinvented the amplifier wheel, what Jack does best is borrow ideas from many different places, associate them  together into a new place of his own. Working alone, he builds 1-3 amps per week, developing his own system for consistency. Current production models are identical to each other in all details. The expertise that he’s gained over the years in combination with his professional ear, allows him to take what people describe in words and turn it into amplifier reality!


Now, as All Music Inc. and Rocknroll Amps prepare to unleash The Bruiser, guitar players who want a great sound in a lightweight package will have the perfect amp that combines functionality with raw POWER!


The Bruiser Price:

$1399.00 with stock speaker

$1499.00 with Celestion G12-65


For More Information on The Bruiser stop by All Music Inc. in Plainview to try one out, or Visit: http://www.rocknrollamps.com/the-bruiser.html




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allmusicinc

Twitter: @AllMusicInc


For Press Inquiries, CONTACT: Rick@rickeberle.com


More About All Music Inc.


All Music was started back in 1984. It has served the music community for over 3 decades and has continued to evolve since it’s inception. Started by local musician, Irwin Natman, the store went through many changes throughout the years such as different brands that were popular back in the 80’s like Aria, Crate, Alvarez… as well as selling vinyl in the back of the store.


Another local musician who grew up going to the store (before being purchased and renamed by Natman) Guy Brogna had struck up a friendship with Irwin since his opening of ALL MUSIC.

Guy was a touring musician with the bands Ludichrist and Scatterbrain and made a deal with Irwin to thank ALL MUSIC on the bands records in exchange for having his bass guitars set up for recording and touring. Fast forward to 2001, Guy is now off the road and Irwin approaches him to join the business. For the next 10 years they build ALL MUSIC into one of the largest guitar stores in NY adding brands like Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor, Gretsch as well as building the lesson program to over 400 students, renting over 1500 instruments to local budding musicians and doing repairs for guitarists such as Richie Blackmore, Jessie Lacey from Brand New, Toby Walker and Brian Daniels from Madball.


In 2001, Guy took over the business and continues to run and grow the business throughout even more changes to the musical landscape. He continues to look for up and coming or exclusive companies to work with like Cole Clark, Larrivee, Walla Walla, RocknRoll Amps and more. As he continued to work on the store he opened up another location for lessons called Rock-n-Roll University which caters to teaching children on all levels and instruments to play in band situations.


The school has brought music to the masses from these talented kids they cultivated. From shows at Citi Field to an all summer residence at the famous Long Island amusement park – Adventureland. While students have gone on to becoming teachers, others have formed bands that have performed at the Blues Festival in Memphis and a guitar student landing one of the leading roles in the Broadway musical – School of Rock.


With Guy’s ties to Long Island music, he feels the need for community outreach. He partners with radio station WBAB for intimate shows at the store or radio station like Devon Allman and Geoff Tate from Queensryche and does food and toy drives with Long Island Cares Harry Chapin Food Bank and ROCKcanROLL. ALL MUSIC likes to also have informative and entertaining clinics in the store and have had guests like Larry Mitchell, Mike Orlando (Adrenalin Mob), John Moyer (Disturbed), Greg Koch, Michael Angelo Batio, Manelli Jamal (Cole Clark endorsee), Joe Rock and Mark Mendoza (Twisted Sister – Joe Rock and the All Stars).

With the help of long time staff members, ALL MUSIC is always looking for new and exciting products to bring to their customers. As well, they look for used, vintage and eclectic items to fill their eBay warehouse where they ship these treasures around the globe.


Makes you want to visit the guys at ALL MUSIC, right? Well, sometimes finding this hidden treasure is like finding a pearl in an oyster. 397 South Oyster Bay Rd in Plainview is where you would start to look. Pull into the Plainview Shopping Center parking lot and look for the doorway. Yes, the doorway with the neon green guitar on it. Sandwiched in between restaurants you will find the doorway. JUST a doorway. Follow the trail down to the hidden treasure where when you reach the bottom step it has been often heard the excited whisper – Wow! Here is where the fun starts. Check out over 700 guitars on the floor. Everything from Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Martin, Spector, Charvel, Music Man, PRS, Dean, Gretsch, Dan Electro, Silverstone and more. Plug into a Fender, Backstar, Vox, Roland, Supro, Peavey or RocknRoll amp. Want to transform your tone? Take your pick of effects from Fulltone, MXR, Boss, Electro Harmonix, TC Electronics, Tech 21, Ibanez, Moog… Or relax in the climate controlled acoustic room. Need a little change up in your guitar playing? How about a banjo, ukulele or maybe a mandolin from GoldTone, Gretsch, Luna or Martin. You don’t play guitar? No problem! We have keyboards and synths from Korg and Casio. How about band and orchestra instruments? Sure! Brands like Jupiter, Gemeinhardt, Blessing, Knilling and Mathias Thomas. And there is every type of accessory for every musician. Need a gift? How about a Strat cutting board of a Fender lunch box, Grateful Dead socks, Jimi Hendrix sweatshirt, KISS coffee mugs… we can keep going here.


So now you need some help deciding what you want. Well the staff will be happy to help you – not sell you. Here they strive to get customers into an instrument thats right for them not what they need to get rid of or what makes more money. At ALL MUSIC you will get the help you need with the information that guides you to YOUR perfect instrument. And even with everything ALL MUSIC stocks you may not find what you are looking for. Don’t worry, just ask and they will do their best to try and get if for you.


So what are you waiting for? Get down there and see the guys. Once you do, you will be back again and again.

artists and musicians

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